How it works?

The concept

You sign up for Cashkia by paying 24 AUD and you will get a unique link (you will be the only one in the world with the link) and you promote that link. If someone clicks on the link and signs up for 19 AUD, then you will get 10 AUD. And the person who now has a Cashkia account will go through the same process as you. Also, for every link that you sell $1 is donated to charity.

The tier system

There are tiers where if you sell a certain amount of links you get promoted and get more money for each additional link that is sold.
The tiers are:
Tier 1: 0-24 links sold - $10/invite
Tier 2: 25-74 links sold - $11/invite
Tier 3: 75-299 links sold - $12/invite
Tier 4: 300+ links sold - $12.50/invite
Ambassador: invitation only - $13/invite